Cuban cuisine is an alluring mix of styles and ingredients, with influences from several continents. Africans who came to the island brought their traditions with them, as did Spanish colonists. Anyone eating a meal in Cuban restaurant would also find some sligth Dutch, French and even Chinese influence. Blend these with Caribbean spices and ingredients, and you can see that enjoying Cuban food in Dubai is an interesting experience. In order to be able to sample all the dishes at your local restaurant, it is a good idea to collect coupons from Groupon. These coupons entitle holders to often very significant discounts on Cuban food in Dubai. If you also encourage friends or family to collect coupons, then some really massive savings can be made when you dine out on Dubai Cuban food as a group.

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Rice and beans is a staple dish of much Cuban food in Dubai, with much of the cuisine labelled as 'criollo', which broadly means having Spanish roots. Food from Eastern Cuba tends more towards African influence, while food with a Havana influence which appears on menus offering Cuban food in Dubai will seem much more European. This is because Havana has been more multicultural in its range of influences. In order to really see what Cuban food in Dubai is like, collect coupons that entitle you to discounts. With rum also an integral part of dining, eating Cuban food in Dubai using coupons guarantees a party.

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