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Golf is often an expensive game to play. Betwen the costs of club memberships, equipment and social events relating to the sport, the bills can quickly add up. This is why looking out for leisure offers from Groupon is a good idea for anyone who plays golf in Abu Dhabi. Groupon coupons can cut 70 percent off the price of many golf in Abu Dhabi events, and can also provide some good deals on shopping for the kit or accessories. Other coupons can be used for drinks and entertainment, meaning that the costs of enjoying a proper day out at the golf in Abu Dhabi is also reduced. And if you recommend your friends, family or playing partners to these coupons for leisure offers on matters relating to Abu Dhabi golf, then they can save money on the game as well!

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Golf in Abu Dhabi is not just about playing the game, though. Many of the professional game's top stars now head out to play golf in Abu Dhabi at some of the country's top-notch courses. If you and your friends keep an eye on coupons for golf in Abu Dhabi, you may even find tickets to watch one of these events. Whether it is playing golf in Abu Dhabi or watching the top professionals perform in great venues, coupons are here to make the things you love more affordable. Improve your swing and increase your driving yardage with this superb array of discounts and offers relating to golf.