What to Expect at a Spa Treatment

A spa treatment can be an incredibly relaxing experience—especially if you know what to expect. To help you get the most out of your downtime, this guide discusses everything from etiquette tips to what different techniques entail.   

Common types of spa treatments:

There are countless varieties of spa treatment throughout the world. This list, then, explains the kinds you're most likely to encounter:

  • Swedish: A common type of treatment, this uses long kneads to ease tension in muscles and help clients relax.
  • Deep-tissue: Intense kneading techniques address issues with deep layers of muscle tissue.
  • Hot-stone: Small heated stones placed on the client's back loosen muscles and prime them for kneading.
  • Reflexology: This foot treatment manipulates pressure points to address correlating achy or pain-ridden parts of the body. 
  • Thai: In this fully clothed treatment a practitioner puts the client through a series of intense, full-body stretches.

Spa treatment etiquette tips:

While getting a spa treatment is definitely your time to relax and focus on you, following a few key tips will help make the experience that much better.

  • Dress to your comfort level. Don't feel like taking off your underwear? Then don't! Go with whatever makes you feel comfortable.
  • Make sure you've showered that day. Nobody really enjoys touching someone who's sweaty or dirty, even if it's their job. Your therapist will thank you.
  • Talk to your practitioner. Let your therapist know what you are comfortable with and advise them of any injuries or conditions they should know about before starting the treatment. Keep an open dialogue with your therapist. Let your therapist know what feels good and what doesn’t, and definitely let them know if they're applying too much pressure or if the spot they're working on is sensitive
  • Feel free to stay quiet. There's no need to fill idle time with small talk if that's not your thing.

What to do if something happens:

While using your deal voucher, if you experience any inappropriate behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, contact your local police or other authorities for immediate assistance and notify us of the situation as soon as possible.

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