Setting Your Location Preferences

Groupon's goal is to help you discover the best things to do and see in your neighbourhood. To make sure you're seeing deals that are most relevant to you:

Customise Your Location Preferences

  1. On desktop or mobile app, select My Stuff and then select Preferences.
  2. Find "Favorite Locations" and select Add Location.
  3. Enter an address or postal code and use the drop-down to select your location.
  4. Choose a location name and hit Save to start seeing deals for businesses nearby.

Customise Your Search Results

  • On desktop, use the location field next to the search bar to focus your search by city or neighbourhood, or allow Groupon to use your browser's current location.
  • On the mobile app, allow Groupon to access your location settings. 

Customise Your Email Subscriptions

To choose what cities you'd like to receive daily deals for:

  1. Head to Email Preferences in My Stuff.
  2. Under "Deals Near You," select Add Another City.
  3. Select the dropdown window and choose your city.

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