Mistakenly Redeemed Groupons

If you haven’t used your Groupon yet, but it's been marked as redeemed in your account, it may be for one of the following reasons:

  • You've booked an appointment and the merchant has confirmed it. Scheduling an appointment with your Groupon often leads to your voucher being marked "Redeemed" in the merchant's system, but their records will still show that you haven't received any services yet.
  • Your deal covers multiple sessions and you've attended your first one. If you've purchased three massages and only received one massage so far, the merchant may have marked your voucher "Redeemed" to track that service. In this case, too, you'll still be able to use your Groupon for the full value on your remaining sessions.

If the above situations don't apply to you and you're having trouble using your Groupon because it's been marked redeemed, we'd love to help. Continue below to contact our customer support team. 

Note: We also provide the option to manually mark vouchers as Redeemed so you can keep track of what you've used. Please be aware, however, that once a Groupon has been marked as redeemed, you’ll no longer be able to view/print it or receive a refund.

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