Groupon Getaways Pricing Details

What’s included in the price of your Groupon Getaways deal varies based on the type of deal you purchased. You should always read the Fine Print before purchasing a deal so that you're aware of what options you have.

There are three types of Getaways deals you'll find on Groupon:

  • Booking deals where you'll see a calendar on the deal page
  • Voucher deals where you'll book your stay with the merchant after you purchase
  • Tour packages that usually include airfare

For Booking deals, the purchase price typically includes taxes, and unless otherwise stated in the Fine Print section, you do not need to pay additional taxes or mandatory fees at check-in. The amount of included taxes and other fees will be displayed on the final payment page at checkout.

For Voucher deals, while taxes are typically included in the purchase price, check the Fine Print section to see if any additional taxes or fees will be owed upon booking or at check-in. Additionally, check the Fine Print to see whether the price covers one person or two:

  • "Deal is valid for one person, but based on two people travelling together" - This means that the listed price is for one person, but two people need to purchase one voucher each in order to share the accommodations offered in the deal.
  • "Deal is for two people" - In this case, two people are included in the price of one voucher and are meant to enjoy the deal together.

For Tour Package deals, check the Fine Print on the deal for any potential fees. Please be aware that sometimes airfare prices can fluctuate unexpectedly. If this happens, and the price of airfare increases, you’ll be subject to the higher price as quoted by the merchant. 

Good to know: Check the Fine Print section to determine whether you will need to pay City Tax or other mandatory fees at check-in. Unless specified, the price of a Getaways deal doesn’t include travel costs such as:

  • Travel insurance
  • Incidentals
  • Service charges
  • Gratuities
  • Expenses due to special requests or add-ons

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