Look Glamorous! Personalized Name Bracelet (AED39) or Butterfly & Heart-Shaped Necklace (AED49)

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AED 149 74% AED 110
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In a Nutshell

  • Dazzling and highly polished pendant and bracelet
  • Whimsical butterfly and heart design
  • Finished in 21-karat gold plating
  • 100 % hand-made

Option 1:
Personalized Bracelet for AED 39 instead of AED 149

Option 2:
Personalized Butterfly and Heart Shaped Pendant for AED 49 instead of AED 249

Option 3:
Personalized Butterfly and Heart-Shaped Pendant and Personalized Bracelet For AED 84 instead of AED 399

The Fine Print

How To Get It

  • AED 20 delivery charge is payable upon delivery
  • Delivery is within 6 working days from the day the email confirmation is received
  • Email Capitalparts@hotmail.com and provide the following information:
  • - Contact number
    - Delivery address
    - Groupon voucher code
    - Colour (for the Personalized Bracelet)
    - Name to be engraved
  • Incomplete information will not be entertained
  • Multiple vouchers can be bought for 1 single shipping charge
  • Please call 055-5367327 if you fail to receive an email confirmation within 3 working days or if you have any questions
  • Orders are subject to availability
  • limits will fall outside the delivery parameter

Butterfly & Heart Shaped Necklace & Name Bracelet  
  • Personalized Butterfly and Heart-Shaped Pendant
  • 21K gold plated highly polished butterfly pendant
  • 100% hand-made
  • Size 2.5cm width and 2.5cm high
  • Chain length: 46cm

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Sentimentality can go as far as saving one’s milk baby tooth or holding on to a lock of hair from a long lost love. Turn something dear and near into a fashion statement with today’s Groupon: wear a personalized butterfly and heart-shaped necklace and name bracelet starting from AED 39. 

Personalized Bracelet
  • 21K gold plated highly polished Bracelet
  • Choose from the following colours: pink, black, blue and orange
  • Band is made from elastic bream
  • Adjustable bream
  • 100% hand-made

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