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Contemporary Painting Online Course from Dynamic E-Course (97% Off)

Dynamic E-Course

This online course provides information about various aspects of painting including material types and creating portraits

AED1,764.92 AED49

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Online Photography Course Featuring a Virtual Tutor from Dynamic E-Course (99% Off)

Dynamic E-Course

Learn to shoot like a pro with this video online photography course that addresses to rookies

AED10,767.44 AED119

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Accredited Online Training with EventTrix (97% Off)


Suitable for most people these online trainings offers skills that can offer many advantages to boost the employability

AED1,054 AED29

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Gardening and Landscape Design Business Diploma Online Course from Centre of Excellence Online (83% Off)

Centre of Excellence Online

This online course covers topics such as gardening techniques, the process of designing, and managing finances and business

AED587.14 AED99

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Interior Design, Feng Shui or Both Online Courses from Style Design College (Up to 96% Off)

Style Design College

Designed for individuals who seek for further specialisation in interior design and those who want to learn the language of Feng Shui

AED2,936.41 AED149

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Blues Guitar Techniques Online Course from Of Course Learning (90% Off)

Of Course Learning Limited

42 lectures, tutorials and 12 hours of video demos on 40 songs can help customers learn the basics of guitar blues

AED592.08 AED59

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Learn-to-Draw Online Course for Kids from Dynamic E-Course (98% Off)

Dynamic E-Course

Little ones and adults alike can learn how to draw with this online course that has various video tutorials prepared for them

AED3,167.91 AED68

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Wedding Floristry Online Course from Mary Kay Jenny (92% Off)

Mary Kay Jenny

Blending theory and practice, this course aims to provide a set of basic skills helpful in becoming a professional wedding florist

AED1,528.03 AED129

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Online Special Effects Course - Level 1, 2 or Both at Vizual Coaching Academy (93% Off)

Vizual Coaching Academy

Learn how to prepare special effects make-up with various colours, tools and materials; includes 12-month online access

AED934.56 AED69

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Learn-To-Draw Online Course from Dynamic E-Course (97% Off)

Dynamic E-Course

Get comfortable drawing human figures, buildings, cars, faces, and other models by the end of the course while earning a certificate

AED3,347.21 AED89

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