Dubai Digital Marketing Coupons

Certificate in Social Media Marketing from Brentwood Open Learning College (94% Off)

Brentwood Open Learning College

Course participants can learn how use social media to reach out to hundreds of millions of potential clients online

AED1,440.76 AED89

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Social Media Marketing Online Course with NLP Centre of Excellence (88% Off)

NLP Centre of Excellence

Students will learn the basics of social media as a channel of marketing, advertising and communication with customers

AED1,382.43 AED159

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Choice of Digital Marketing Online Course at Live Marketing Academy (Up to 96% Off)

Live Marketing Academy

Participants can learn about various techniques used in online marketing, such as social media and eCommerce

AED348.95 AED39

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Internet Marketing Strategies for Business Online Course with NLP Centre of Excellence (89% Off)

NLP Centre of Excellence

Learn the different aspects of internet marketing, such as online advertising and using affiliates and bloggers to sell products

AED921.21 AED99

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Marketing and PR for Small Businesses Diploma Course from Centre of Excellence Online (86% Off)

Centre of Excellence Online

This course is suitable for small business owners or those who wish to start their own business, and can take up to 150 hours to complete

AED614.58 AED89

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SEO or Social Media Marketing Classroom Course with Habib Web Technology

Habib Web Technology

Learn how to write SEO blogs, analyse websites, use Facebook advertising tools and create hashtags in this choice of four-hour course


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