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Online Photoshop Course at Live Photo Academy (99% off)

Live Photo Academy

During a series of live webinars, participants can learn some of the basic Photoshop skills and knowledge on editing and retouching images

AED1,450.89 AED19

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Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance Online Course from Brentwood Open Learning College (93% Off)


This course covers topics such as differences between Islamic banking and conventional banking systems, Islamic business ethics, and more

AED2,218.99 AED149

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Level 2 Special Education Needs Online Course from Vizual Coaching Academy (89% Off)

Vizual Coaching Academy

Students can explore the field of special education needs and learn about issues such as autism, dyslexia, theories of learning, and more

AED936.61 AED99

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Game Design Using Unity 3D Software Online Course from Blue Mountain Training Solutions (97% Off)

Blue Mountain Training Solutions

Become familiar with game developing subjects such as Shuriken particle system or 3D animation; 12-month access to the course contents

AED3,763.99 AED129

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Basic or Advanced Video Editing Course at Aims Training Computer Center (Up to 60% Off)

Aims Training Centre

Clients can learn how to edit videos using Adobe Premiere Pro software application

AED1,000 AED399

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Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Photoshop Course at Aims Training Center (Up to 60% Off)

Aims Training Center
Aims Training Centre

Clients can learn how to create eye-catching designs and images for print and the web

AED499 AED199

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