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At the Rooftop of Jumeirah Terrace Building, Jumeirah 1, Brain Game company presents the most impressive concept we have seen regarding alternative amusement and escape rooms. The players have 60 minutes to escape from rooms full of riddles and puzzles that they have to solve. Players can enjoy unique board games at the terrace along with refreshments and snacks.

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Sara1 year ago

We truly enjoyed Brain Games. Their escape rooms are awesome. The only reason why we don't give 5* is because not everything makes sense and we prefer rooms that can be completed without having to ask for hints. Plus we had non working parts in more than one of their room, misleading us and needing help (person actually coming into the room to fix something). BUT the rooms are awesome and we would do them again!

Wu1 year ago

Very recommended! Half price for kids👍

Sara1 year ago

Great Escape Rooms. Can truly recommend this place and its fun rooms. We enjoyed most of them. Hopefully they have worked out a few kinks but even if not, it is absolutely worth going.