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Mezze All Day Dining is nestled within the five-star Royal M Hotel and Resort Abu Dhabi located just a short stroll away from Zayed Heritage Center. The hotel boasts a scenic view of the Arabian Gulf and Al Hudayriat Island. Patrons can take advantage of modern facilities and rooms equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi. Spa and pool are also available.

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Jeff4 weeks ago

Lovely brunch food and the desserts are truly a work of art and great tasting. Alcohol house beverages quality was not great however, but that did not spoil the day.

Andreas1 month ago

Nothing special. The food was ok, some of the glasses (beer/wine) where dirty.

Faris1 month ago

No comment..

Lina1 month ago

Less food, the Staff did not clean the plate on time.

Hassan1 month ago

Food quality was poor. They even did not serve fresh juices. Service was very bad. We had to call them 3 times to take our waste plates. Not recommend.

Guest2 months ago

Not worth the money we paid for. Very less choices of food and they are not refilling after it finished. Ambience is good.

Guest2 months ago

place is beautiful and clean.

Musthafa2 months ago

The atmosphere was cozy and inviting, and the staff was incredibly friendly and attentive. The menu had a great selection of dishes, and everything was cooked to perfection. The flavors were vibrant and the portions were generous. They had a very huge dining area. But, The restaurant is always too crowded than its capacity and oftentimes the wait is too long. The staff was confused so much, they actually dint know what to do. Most of the time they forgot to give water, forgot to keep plates and I myself waited for more than 30 mins to get a bowl to pour soup. !!

Guest2 months ago

The food is great but the crowd is just too much literally 15 min goes waiting in queue. And most of the food got over so fast though they refill its very slow. Overall place is nice food is good only problem is they are just overbooked more than their capacity.

Rana2 months ago

It’s amazing and the staff are fantastic 👍