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Nestled in the five-star Bab Al Qasr Hotel, Artisan Kitchen is the place to go for all fans of elegant dining. Serving breakfasts, lunches and dinners, the restaurant welcomes guests with dishes ranging from grilled fish to Italian pizzas. Artisan Kitchen also boasts a private dining room for small, intimate family gatherings and celebrations.

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Ayman3 weeks ago

It’s awesome and the food so delicious and there are a lot of varieties and the staff so nice

Fortune3 months ago

There was nothing not to like, the environment, the food, the staff and the music

Fortune3 months ago

It was a wonderful experience. good food, and the music deserves a special mention.

Joel3 months ago

Really yummy food and friendly staff. Thanks to Varun and the whole team behind this. Definitely will give it another try.

Fortune3 months ago

Friendly and helpful staff. Spacious seating. Really good food. Had a group of teenagers to celebrate a birthday and they were all very happy with the experience. I will be back for sure.

Jan5 months ago

T’was a pleasant experience. Shout out to Theresa, Ashmita and Ishwar!

Jessica6 months ago

Great experience!!! Really nice waiters and hostess. We went with our 1 year old daughter and they were very kind and friendly to all of us!

Guest6 months ago

Excellent experience. Thank you

Adina7 months ago

Excellent food in a large assortment, great service & atmosphere, kind staff. Strongly recommended for a memorable brunch.

zainab7 months ago

It was very good and the staff are nice