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Vietnamese Meals in Dubai

This coupon for Dubai's most popular vietnamese restaurant is a great value. Purchase a coupon if you are planning a night out in Dubai anytime soon. Vietnamese food is delicious and it is very popular in Dubai. Try the bun thit nuong, a cold noodle dish with marinated pork and fish sauce. Add egg rolls and shrimp for an authentic vietnamese meal that is popular throughout Dubai and around the world. The mi xao don is one of the most ordered dishes at this Dubai fixture. Egg noodles are deep fried to a crisp and covered with shrimp, sea food and a delicious gravy. If you like soup, try the bun rieu. Tomato broth is filled with noodles, bean sprouts, crab paste, shrimp paste, water spinach and cut up tomatoes.

Yummy Vietnamese Food in Dubai

The dumplings are a very popular subsection of vietnamese cuisine. The banh bao are barbecue pork dumplings filled with vegetables, mushrooms or onions. For dessert try the banh chung, a popular vietnamese pastry. These coupons for Dubai's most popular vietnamese cuisine are great for parties of all sizes. Everyone will leave the restaurant satisfied and happy. Purchase a coupon for yourself or several coupons if you are planning to entertain guests. Let our staff of friendly, knowledgeable servers do the heavy lifting. These coupons will not be available long. Purchase one today.
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